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How to create carved effect in a name plate?

by Jai Jain on Oct 04, 2023

How to create carved effect in a name plate?

A handy guide to create a personalized name plate

Creating the name plate for home yourself is a highly rewarding experience. You add that personalized touch right at the entrance!

Here is a detailed guide on how we created home name plate using water based resin, HydroCast.

Read this post for step by step instructions.

Steps to make resin name plate using HydroCast

STEP 1:  Use thermocol cutouts in required shape (here we have cut the name that we wanted for our home)

STEP 2: Pour a layer of HydroCast mix in the chosen mold and let it rest for 40-60 minutes depending on the room temperature (here we have chosen TerraCotta shade for the mix - gives us the earthy feels!)

STEP 3: Place the cutouts as desired

STEP 4: Pour another layer of HydroCast mix and get the level up till the height of the cutouts. Let it cure for about an hour.

STEP 5: Now take out the thermocol cutouts using any sharp object. This can be a bit tedious but let the final output motivate you to get it done.


STEP 6: Once cleaned for thermocol, you can paint the inner area if you may like - that would help cover the scratches which can occur due to using a sharp object

STEP 7: Add Pourfect sealer coat for finish and it's ready! 

How about you take this up as your next DIY resin art project? If you have more thoughts/questions - feel free to DM us on Instagram

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Products used here are -  HydroCast systemHydroCast shadesHydroCast Sealer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can we use epoxy resin (Art Resin) to create a name plate in place of water based resin, HydroCast?

A. Yes, you can. But remember that epoxy resin when exposed to sunlight can get yellow over time. So, if you are living in an area where your name plate won't be exposed to sunlight, you can certainly use Art Resin or other similar systems. If it will be exposed to sunlight, we do not recommend using epoxy resin.

Q.2 Which colors have you used to paint over HydroCast resin name plate?

A. You can simply use Fabric colors or Acrylic colors. These are available at any art/stationery store.

Q.3 Will the resin name plate get dusty over time when placed outdoors?

A. No. It will not get dusty and give the same, new feel even when it has aged. This is due to the sealer coating as mentioned in detailed steps above. Hence, make sure that you coat your HydroCast products with Pourfect Sealer to save them from any dirt or dust.