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How Does Rain/Humidity/Moisture Affect Epoxy Resin?

by Anshuman Dave on Aug 06, 2021

How rainy season affects resin?

A lot of beginner artists wonder why the epoxy resin does not behave in same manner during resin. Is it an issue with the brand product or their working style or others?

Well, read this blog to understand the effects that humidity or moisture has on resin system.

Most important thing to remember is that epoxy resin and moisture ARE NOT friends. They do not go well together and produce only undesirable results.

The chemical components in epoxy system, when exposed to moisture, react with it to form gas bubbles which end up giving your artwork cloudy or foam-like appearance. This reaction does not necessarily happen only when you are working on your project, it can also happen when you are mixing resin and hardener system or when you have left your project to cure.

Basically, it can react with moisture anytime till your project/artwork cures.

So, how can you prevent humidity from entering your resin system?

  1. Ensure you always close your resin bottle lid tightly.
  2. Store the bottles in a dry environment.
  3. Work with resin in a moisture free environment – for that, you can use air conditioner in dry mode.
  4. Make sure that humidity levels are below 75% - You can check the same using a digital thermo-hygrometer which gives you measurement of temperature as well as humidity. (The temperature should ideally be between 70-80F – read more ­here to know the impact hot climate has on epoxy)

Humidity levels below 50% is ideal. Anything above 75% is a strict NO NO.

Epoxy resin systems are beautiful and can add finish to anything around you – just remember to understand the right working conditions and choose the products wisely.

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