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How to get pollen effect in resin art?

by Jaivi Specialities Pvt Ltd on Feb 25, 2022

How to get pollen effect in resin art?

Pollens look really cool in real life and have an immersive effect on any viewer. Similarly, look at these resin pollens. If you find them fascinating, read this post for step by step instructions on creating pollen effect in resin art

STEP 1: Pour first color (in resin mix) along the boundary of chosen mold

STEP 2: Then pour second color (in resin mix) along the inner boundary of first color

STEP 3: Repeat that with third color (preferable to use white to get clarity in pollens)

STEP 4: Now pour the last color in the center 


STEP 5: Allow it to rest for curing for about 6 hours as we have used Fast cure system) 

STEP 6:  Time to demold 

LOOK AT THE POLLENS RIGHT IN THE CENTER! Aren't they just gorgeous?

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You can also watch the video tutorial below

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