Resin Art Basics

How much does it cost to start a successful resin art business?

by Jai Jain on Nov 17, 2022

Cost of starting a resin art business

How do I start a resin art business?

Are you looking for an additional source of income? Are you exploring resin art as a source of profitable business? Are you wondering if you can do resin art business full time? Then this blog is for you. It will help you get a fair understanding of the expenses in setting up a resin business and the potential revenues which can be earned.

Is resin art profitable?

Resin art, if done well, can be an extremely profitable business with the luxury of working from home at your own flexibility. It still remains an unexploited industry and you get high margins for the creativity that you pour in your resin products.

What are the expenses in setting up a resin business?

Compared to most other businesses, resin art business is relatively cheap to start with. All you need is,

A good epoxy system for your resin projects - starts at INR 650-700

Choosing a good resin art (epoxy system) system forms the foundation of your final products. Before buying a resin art kit, you must first assess the requirement of your intended artwork.

For example - If you are looking to create serveware, jewellery, rakhis with different pouring techniques, then 3:1 ART RESIN is the product for you. If you are looking to make river tables using resin, then THICK CAST is the product for you. If you are looking to work in layers and require your resin to cure quickly, then FAST CURE is the system for you.

Always remember to get an ASTM-D certified resin for your artworks. A lot of beginners aim to go for the cheapest resin system available in the market. We advise to be smart about spending money but keeping your safety as top priority

Resin art pigments

You have to buy colors for your resin art project. Tip - Always prefer to use pigments from the manufacturer whose resin you are using. For example - Pourfect pigments work best with Pourfect epoxy systems.

One pigment of 25 gm would cost you about INR 110.

Other resin art supplies as a beginner

  • Depending on your art project, you might require a silicone mold, MDF board or wood cutouts. If you are a beginner in resin art, we recommend you to first try it in silicone molds. (starts at INR 100)
  • Get your nitrile gloves. Always wear them while playing with resin. You can find them at any medical shop near you. (~INR 20 for a pair)
  • Invest in a drip sheet. It comes for around INR 220 but makes your life really easy. It covers your working area, protects it from sticky resin drips which are otherwise tough to clean.
  • Get mixing cups and sticks. Mixing cups can be of paper or plastic. You can use ice cream sticks as your mixing sticks. (~INR 50)

The above are basic necessities that you must have. Some epoxy systems do not have bubble release mechanism and in that case, you will also require a heat gun. Some have a bad odour and release harmful fumes. In that case, you must get eyes and nose protection gear.

With Pourfect resin art systems, most artists are not investing in the last 2 items.

Total expenses in starting a resin art business

As described above, you can set up your small resin business in just about ~INR 1300 - 1500. Once you have made a few items, you can then expand and invest in more expensive molds, bigger resin art packs and more pigments.

If you want to start with a wider variety of artworks to display, you can still consider the expense to be in the range of INR 5,000-10,000.

This is going to be higher for those looking at starting to make river tables or resin art furniture. That would include an investment in sanding machine, angle grinder, leveling scale, a bigger resin art kit. It would start somewhere around INR 20,000.

Start your resin art business with just INR 5,000

You can market your artworks/ resin products to your family and friends. Get the word out on social media platforms. If you are using Pourfect, tag them in your posts. The brand helps increase awareness by reposting and re-sharing your stories on their instagram. Ask your customers to write in reviews and feedback. Exhibit in nearby stores.

Creating resin art items require time, creativity and right technique. The artists who master this and produce beautiful finished products find it easy to sell their items at greater than 100% margin.

Resin art can be a profitable business for you if you are willing to invest in the early trials with resin and mastering the art of creating beautiful finished products.


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Happy pouring.