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How to use HydroCast (eco-friendly resin) by Pourfect?

by Jai Jain on Oct 15, 2022

How to use HydroCast (eco-friendly resin) by Pourfect?

HydroCast is being used to create the matte finish terrazzo coasters, marble effect art pieces that you might have seen. An eco-friendly, water based resin system - alternate to Jesmonite - this one is made in India.

Here are detailed steps on how to use HydroCast - a perfect read for beginners.

Let's clear the basics first.

What is HydroCast?

HydroCast is a water based, eco friendly composite material that comes in 2 parts for artists. Part A is BASE and Part B is LIQUID.

It is a fluid artform and involves pouring as the major work.

Like art resin, even here, Part A and Part B are mixed together before pouring, about which we will learn in the detailed steps explained below.


Choose your silicon mold suitable for HydroCast which you want to use for artwork. Now measure the amount of mix that you would require for this particular mold - you can use the HydroCast calculator right here.

You can read more on - How to calculate HydroCast required for mold?

Now let's say that we require 350gm of total mix. Remember that the mixing ratio for Part A and Part B is 2.5:1, meaning that for every 1 part of Liquid, you would add 2.5 parts of Base. Here, for a total mix of 350gm, you would take 350/3.5 = 100gm of Liquid and 100 x 2.5 = 250 gm of Base. 

You must use a weighing scale for this process and ensure accuracy. This step forms the base and is very important for overall process.

We also have a video on how to measure HydroCast for your mold - you can watch it here


Mix it really well using a mixing stick. Do not forget to scrape the sides and bottom and ensure a similar consistency throughout the mix. Add your choice of shade to this mix - just a couple of drops (Pick from a wide range of HydroCast Shades). Mix it well, give it 3-4 minutes.


This is favorite for most artists as this is where you bring in your creative ideas and pour in patterns. You should definitely check out our other blog - Tips and techniques - covering tips and techniques for pouring.

Once poured, tap the mold a bit before allowing it to rest.


Compared to epoxy systems, HydroCast cures much faster and is ready to demold within ~2 hours, depending on the room temperature. Here is an important piece of advice - DEMOLD IN TIME. Do not let the mold lying there untouched, that will cause sweating which is undesirable.

And boom! You have your HydroCast artwork ready to use. It achieves the full strength in 24-48 hours, so do not mishandle it.

Get creative, make your unique handmade item for use. We have a lot of inspiration on our instagram page from various HydroCast artists - check them out HERE

Happy pouring, get your #pourfectpour

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