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How to use 3:1 Art Resin - an easy resin art tutorial for beginners

by Jai Jain on Oct 11, 2022

How to use 3:1 Art Resin - an easy resin art tutorial for beginners

Resin art is a functional art form. Once learnt, it allows us to create beautiful homeware, serveware and many more. This blog explains in detail how to use epoxy systems for resin art in 5 simple steps - Measure, Mix, Pour, Wait and Demold. Read to understand each step in detail below.

Look at these pieces created by wonderfully talented artists using Pourfect 3:1 Art resin



The first trial requires guidance on how to use the material and once learnt, you are free to create marvels of your choice! Here is a quick step by step process on how to use ART RESIN by POURFECT, one of the best epoxy systems in the market with automatic bubble release mechanism (meaning no need of heat gun!), supreme gloss, best in class UV absorber to prevent yellowing.

This is also ASTM-D certified, meaning you can use it without worrying about safety issues.

Coming to understanding resin art, remember - Every resin art system comes in 2 parts -

  • Resin
  • Hardener

Every manufacturer can decide the mixing ratio of these 2 parts depending on their internal formula. That does not have any impact on the final output. You MUST mix the two parts in the ratio specified by the manufacturer.

Here we are talking about 3:1 ART RESIN by POURFECT.

3:1 - this is the mixing ratio specified for this resin system.

What does this mean?

This means that for every 1 part of hardener, you must take 3 parts of resin. Remember, this is BY WEIGHT and NOT VOLUME. Hence, you would notice that all 3:1 ART RESIN pack sizes are as such - 1.2 kg pack (900gm of resin, 300gm of hardener), 4 kg pack (3kg resin, 1 kg hardener). And yes, this is why the manufacturer cannot give you a 1.5 kg pack - that means weird quantities of each part :D

So, now that we have learnt what mixing ratio is, let's quickly see the steps...

1) MEASURE - Measure the quantities right to be mixed. Use a calculator to determine what quantity of resin to go with what quantity of hardener (using the mixing ratio specified on the bottles)

And DO NOT ever try to take resin of one brand and hardener of other. Please, for resin art's sake!

2) MIX - So important to mix it well. After you have added Part A and Part B together in a cup, mix it well scraping the sides and bottom of the mixing cup. Add the pigment of your choice, it is always best to use resin pigments by same manufacturer for best results.

Give it 3-4 minutes. DO NOT try to rush through the mixing step. Improper mixing leads to bad output and you sure do not want that!

3) POUR - Everyone loves this step. No mathematics, just creativity. Pour it on any surface that you have thought of, or use silicon molds as beginners for easy pouring.

4) WAIT - Now as you know, we are talking chemical reactions here. Resin and hardener, both are in liquid form when you pour them. They become hard in some time because they react with each other to form a 3rd chemical substance. For this particular resin, you should wait for 24 hours before demolding

5) DEMOLD - You will notice that the artwork has become solid and you can now easily demold it for use. Remember, the artwork will get its complete strength within 72 hours. While you can demold after 24 hours, give it some time to become powerful :D

And that's how easy it is. Now, step 3) is where there is a lot of possibilities and that makes resin art therapeutic, as well as functional.

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