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How to use Fast Cure system by Pourfect? - Resin art tutorial post for beginners

by Jai Jain on Oct 12, 2022

How to use Fast Cure system by Pourfect? - Resin art tutorial post for beginners

Resin art serves different purpose and there are primarily 3 epoxy systems to suit different needs - Art Resin for usual art projects, Fast Cure for working in layers, geodes etc. and Thick Cast for casting purposes.

This post covers in detail the steps required to use Fast Cure system and has some inspiration for you all. Here we go - 

As we already know that any resin system comes in 2 parts - 1) Resin and 2) Hardener. So does Fast Cure.

Since Fast Cure is especially designed to cure fast, it enables smooth working for artists creating layered resin artworks, geode art, ocean art and so on. It is different from Art Resin in its mixing ratio, pot life and cure time. The gloss, the auto bubble release mechanism, UV protection remains unaffected.

Read the steps right here and if you are looking for a video tutorial - we have uploaded the link at the end of this article.

1) MEASURE - Mixing ratio for resin and hardener for this system is 2:1, meaning for every 1 part of hardener that you take, you must take 2 parts of resin. Hence, the pack sizes are all in multiples of 3 - check HERE

Example - if you want a total mix of 180 gm for your artwork, then you would take - 180 divided by 3 = 60 gm of hardener and, resin = hardener x 2 = 60 x 2 = 120 gm of resin. Here we have - 120 gm of resin + 60 gm of hardener = 180 gm of total mix

2) MIX - Do not get lazy, mix it well. Scrape those sides and bottom of mixing cup, do not let even a bit of it unmixed. You laze now, you suffer later. So, mix it well, buddy.

3) POUR - Favorite time of every artist. No maths, no mixing, just POURING. It's an extremely soothing process. Pour it on any surface that you've chosen or in a mold. Remember here - since it is FAST CURE, you have 20-25 minutes for this step. After that, it will start to gel and become thicker.

4) WAIT - This cures faster than ART RESIN, it becomes touch dry in 2-3 hours and cured to handle in 4-6 hours, depending on temperature levels. Now you see - how it enables working in layers. Since one layer gets cured quicker than art resin, artist can now pour second layer without the fear of the colors getting mixed.

5) DEMOLD - If you are done, demold the piece. If you are working in layers, continue working.

We typically recommend this for resin artists who have some experience in this artform since POT LIFE of this FAST CURE is 20-25 minutes, meaning you have to quick in your work. For beginners looking to try our resin art for first time, we highly recommend ART RESIN system by POURFECT. Bigger pot life, more time to play and explore around during initial endeavors.

Here are some artworks created using Fast Cure by Pourfect - 

There are many more and for art inspiration, you can head to our instagram page where we regularly feature some of the best artworks -

You can also watch a video tutorial RIGHT HERE - covers the steps explained above and shows an artist making an artwork using Fast Cure by Pourfect.

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