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How to use resin and HydroCast both in single piece?

by Jaivi Specialities Pvt Ltd on Feb 26, 2022

How to use resin and HydroCast both in single piece?

Hydrocast and resin - both are mediums of fluid art with different properties. Chemical composition of both materials vary significantly and hence, the final properties.

Are you wondering if you can create an art piece using both materials together? Then this is the post for you - in this, we learn how to create the oval trinket dish using both HydroCast and Resin. 

STEP 1: Mix HydroCast base and liquid in 2.5:1 by weight and add HydroCast shade of your choice (we are making two shades here - black and white)

STEP 2: Pour it in your chosen mold - here we are using oval trinket tray tray (you can pour in any design that you like )

STEP 3: Let it cure (takes about 40-60 minutes)

STEP 4:  Demold it, break it into half (remember to break it immediately and if left for a day, it gains its full strength and can be tricky to break)

Put the other half back in mold   

STEP 5: Get your resin mix ready

STEP 6:  Pour it in the remaining half with any design that you like. Let it cure for 6-8 hours since we are using Fast Cure system  


STEP 8: Demold it and see what we have here


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You can also watch the video tutorial below