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How to get feather like effect in resin art?

by Jaivi Specialities Pvt Ltd on Feb 26, 2022

How to get feather like effect in resin art?

Resin art allows us to be creative in a fluid way, quite literally. You can get multiple effects using resin and feather effect is one of them. Read this post for step by step instructions on how to get feather effect.

We must understand with fluid art that how you pour defines, to some extent, the effect that there will be at the end. For this effect,

STEP 1: Pour the cosmic purple layer of resin mix from the center as shown here. Keep pouring only in the center and let it spread itself.

STEP 2: Pour a clear layer of resin mix right in the center (Remember we are using Fast Cure resin system)

STEP 3: Pour white resin mix in the center 

STEP 4: Pour a clear layer of resin mix in the center again

STEP 5: Use the heat gun to direct the flow and allow expansion of the layers

STEP 6: Allow it to rest for about 6-8 hours

STEP 7 : Demold it

And just see how the feather effect has turned out to be!

Isn't it absolutely stunning and therapeutic to indulge in fluid art?

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You can also watch the video tutorial below

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