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How to get crushed paper effect ?

by Jai Jain on Feb 23, 2022

How to get crushed paper effect ?

This effects looks so raw and authentic. It definitely stands out amidst a lot of other designs. And guess what, it is super easy to create this effect - you can make such coaster or platter or anything else at your home within just an hour!

Read this post for step by step instruction on creating this coaster,

STEP 1: Mix HydroCast base and liquid in the ratio of 2.5:1 and add HydroCast shade of your choice 

STEP 2: Pour the mix in a silicone mold 

STEP 3: Now take any polythene sheet, crush it and put it as shown 

STEP 4: Let the material cure 

STEP 5: In about an hour, take out the polythene sheet and demold it 

STEP 6: Sand it for finishing


Use it as you serve tea/coffee and get ready to get compliments!

Get your hands on HydroCast and create some unique, useful pieces for your home!

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You can also watch the video tutorial below

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