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How to get Kintsugi effect using Hydrocast?

by Jai Jain on Feb 23, 2022

How to get Kintsugi effect using Hydrocast?

Kintsugi is a popular Japanese concept, and it cherishes the broken things.

This effect looks superb and is very catchy. Best part is you can create this in just a couple of hours.

Read this post for step by step instruction on creating this coaster,

STEP 1: Mix resin and hardener (Fast Cure) and add gold pigment

STEP 2: Use fast cure and pour after 15-20 minutes of mixing

STEP 3: Pour the mix to create effect like this

STEP 4: Now take HydroCast base and liquid, mix well and pour over this 

STEP 5: Tap a bit and let it cure 

STEP 6: And demold in about an hour


Get your hands on HydroCast and create some unique, useful pieces for your home!

To get products used in this, check Fast Cure system, Gold pigment, HydroCast kitHydroCast Shades, Hexagon Silicon Mold

You can also watch the video tutorial below

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